Oddly enough, everything that I wanted to do before I had this baby remains to be done . . . the list is still here and growing. Guess I'll have to wait until he goes away to college. *sigh*


Bodyslams and Bookmarks

I have resorted to watching wrestling again. Every Monday night, I sit down on the couch with my laptop and a glass of ice water and a snack. I log into Twitter, and I rant with my friend while we both watch the show. It's not the same as I recall it from ten years back, but it kills 2 hours of the night before I hit the hay.

I could read a book, or one of the many Popular Photography or Parenting magazines stacked upon my coffee table. I could finish packing the hospital bag for the delivery to come. I could sew. I could photograph my feet, which I don't see much of anymore.

I want to vacuum. I want to sweep and mop. I want to dust. I want to finish sanding my old rocking chair from my childhood and repaint it for my baby. I want to go shopping.

I guess this part of a pregnancy prepares you for the future, when you have to give up what you want sometimes in order to take care of what is needed.

I think I can get used to that.


Mini-update: Lazy

So, I finished reading all 3 books below. I highly recommend Adam's book; FUNNY! Love his daily podcasts as well. I've moved on to some fiction I'd been putting off for a while. And I've picked up my husband's copy of the Dave Grohl biography, which is fun.

Today's a lazy day. Well, most of my days of late are pretty lazy. I've been on house arrest since mid-March due to swelling and increased BP during pregnancy. All labs were negative for toxemia and preeclampsia, so there's that. And this continued "chilling with your feet up" has decreased both the swelling and the BP. I'll be at 35 weeks this Tuesday; looking to meet this little being soon. It just had the hiccups for about 10 minutes. :)


What I'm Reading Now

I know, you all probably thought I didn't know how to read. I do. I may not read thought-provoking things, but what I read entertains me.

I'd say I'm 2/3 or 3/4 through this book. There's no purpose to it, but if you love Kevin Smith, that's all the reason you need to get a copy of this. I've had it in the house for a couple years and finally started reading it before Christmas. I read slowly. I don't lose myself in books for hours or days at at time. I usually read to fall asleep.

I received this one as a Christmas gift. It's very sporadic, but I'm a Boosh fan, so it makes sense to me. My aunt got it for me; she needed to know what the hell this was about. I told them to check it out on YouTube.

I bought this one last weekend. I haven't started it yet, but I love his daily Podcasts, and the books reads just like his verbal rants. Should be a hoot.

That's it, aside from the ABC catalog that came in the mail yesterday. Woot.


Six Month Lapse, and Becoming a Mommy Blogger

Hi! How goes it? Crazy over here. Lots going on, constantly saying I need to come back here and write, fighting the "Facebook Killed the Blog Star" issue. *sigh* Oh, and I'm pregnant. So there's that. :)

I'm keeping THAT part of my life on the "mommy blog"; so don't worry. I hope I can start blogging again HERE as well. I've mised it. I think of things all the time that I should blog about, but those subjects turn into status updates and/or tweets.

Then there's the job I started back in March, which keeps me VERY busy and tired, and after looking at a TWO computer screens all day, the last thing I want to do is check my personal email and blog. About all I can muster is playing Frontierville and surfing for baby stuff. *yawn* But overall, I'm enjoying this work-from-home gig, and I am very lucky to have this opportunity, especially now that I'm knocked up.

Lots of things have changed in lost of friends' lives, but I'll let them tell their stories. I've got enough on my plate.